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As quality, professional lapel pins without color, die struck custom pins are beautiful and elegant. These pins are the perfect pieces to complete any uniform or advertise your organization or cause with class. Die struck pins are created by using a stamping technique with iron or copper. Raised areas are polished until they shine, and the recessed areas are left sandblasted or with a matte finish for high contrast. Lapel pins made with the die struck process make an impressive statement without a lot of fuss.

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
3/4" $3.32 $2.81 $2.07 $1.69 $1.51 $1.31 $1.29 $1.09 $0.95 $0.77
1" $3.35 $2.93 $2.18 $1.77 $1.59 $1.35 $1.33 $1.12 $1.00 $0.86
1.25" $3.43 $3.14 $2.34 $1.86 $1.65 $1.40 $1.37 $1.18 $1.08 $0.89
1.50" $3.65 $3.36 $2.75 $2.01 $1.76 $1.52 $1.50 $1.28 $1.18 $0.96
1.75" $4.17 $3.80 $3.11 $2.42 $2.15 $1.87 $1.85 $1.69 $1.53 $1.49
2" $4.36 $4.00 $3.33 $2.61 $2.36 $2.06 $2.04 $1.91 $1.71 $1.70

No mold fee regardless of pin count.

Acrylic Cases - $0.30 ea. Printed Cardstock - Quote On Request. Simulated Gemstone - $0.20 ea.

Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

Companies, organizations, teams, universities, hospitals, and other businesses often use die struck lapel pins as tokens of appreciation for service recognition, award ceremonies, membership inclusion, displaying rank, and encouraging support. Because they are made from quality materials, these pins will last a very long time, ensuring that you and your employees, members, or fans will have a lasting piece of flair to serve as a reminder. Don't put off your order too long -- start today with a Free Quote..

Die struck lapel pins are most commonly gold plated, although other plating’s are available, including black nickel and silver. These pins are able to be created in custom shapes and sizes, and the die struck process results in a sophisticated and stylish appearance that can be worn with any outfit or uniform.

All of our die struck custom lapel pins come with a free butterfly/rubber clutch backing option, since they are the most commonly requested backings by our customers. However, Discount Lapel Pin Store does offer additional pin backing options, such as cufflinks, jewelry clutches, safety pins, and key chains.

Unlike other pin-making companies, we never ask you to settle for "what's in stock." We are able to create 100 percent unique, original designs for our customers. Send us your logo or design ideas to give our artists a place to start, or fully rely on our expertise and we can create a spectacular lapel pin from nothing at all. And we will never charge you for our artwork or revisions, and in fact, shipping is free as well. You only pay for your lapel pins and additional features. Free service with an online smile isn't easy to come by, so contact us today by requesting a Free Quote and let us show off our customer service skills.

Don't wait until the last minute to order your custom die struck lapel pins. Get the process going by requesting a Free Quote so that we can make sure you really love your design. We're here to help you through the entire ordering process, so if you have questions during any part of it, please don't hesitate to contact us. After all, our customers are our top concern, and we work hard to make sure you're happy.