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Lapel Pin Types

This is a brief overview of the different types of custom lapel pins commonly ordered and produced today. Discount Lapel Pin Store is here to
help you through the ordering process, so if you're unsure about which type of product to order, just give us a call at 1-877-513-4811
or e-mail us at

Hard Enamel lapel pins are created by filling the recessed areas of a metal, die-struck pin with a high quality enamel. The pins are then baked at very high temperatures to melt the colored mixture. After the firing process, the pins are sanded flush with the metal lines that divide the colors. Finally the surface is polished smooth giving the pin a lustrous and professional finish.

Soft Enamel lapel pins consist of a metal, die-struck base pin injected with Pantone color-matched enamels. The pins are then cured at a low temperature giving an embossed effect that can be felt by running your finger over it. There are many metal plating’s available including gold, silver, copper and antique. A clear, protective epoxy can be added for lasting durability and a glossy finish.

Die Struck lapel pins are die cut and stamped out of iron or copper. The raised areas are generally highly polished and the recessed areas are left matte or sandblasted to give the pin high contrast. The most common plating is gold, although many other plating’s are available, including silver and black nickel. The custom shape and sharp detail of a die-struck lapel pin provides a professional and sophisticated look.

Offset Digital Print lapel pins are perfect for designs that require gradients or photographs. Each pin is custom cut with a high quality print of the provided image encased in a clear, protective epoxy. Unlike most of the other lapel pin processes, metal separating the colors is not required. That gives us the ability to reproduce any logo exactly as provided. This is the best process to use if you must have gradients in the design of your custom pin.

Silkscreen lapel pins use an individual spot color printing system directly onto the metal base. Each color is printed one at a time using individual screens. This allows for reproducing images without utilizing separating metal lines between colors, providing the crispest images and vivid colors. The pins are cut to shape for a completely customized pin. A clear epoxy coating is added to give the pin a high shine and to provide protection.